These are recommendations as received on LinkedIn profile

Dinesh Vijay

Director Product Development ADM & Signalling at Alstom | August 3, 2019,

Dan is a charismatic Leader to make difference to people, project and organization. He has proven credentials across new business development, catalyst to bring existing business to next level and quality to establish business relation with customer in quick time. Dan is really a great asset to the Organization with his unique characteristics of calm & passionate Leader

Umasankar Subramanian

Head – Global SAP Competency, Tech Mahindra | March 2, 2019,

Dan is an enterprising personality has an astute sales mind who can easily connect up with people. He can grasp quick and ask the right questions which I have personally witnessed during the many client interactions. Very meticulous and methodical in his approach and always has this broad smile on his face which is contagious. It was wonderful working with him in TechM.

Mahesh Iyer

Innovation & Digital Adoption | February 8, 2019,

Dan has an uncanny knack to tackle tough Customer situations and Sales to convert them in his favour. He is definitely a great guy to have when dealing with customers or regions that are normally difficult to crack.

Sunil Bharadwaj

AVP & Head, India Sales at Sasken Technologies Limited | August 20, 2018,

Dan is a driven Business leader. He brings in a deep insight into product engineering especially in Semiconductor, ASIC and Embedded areas. Clients know Dan as a dependable executive who gets work done and brings in value to any conversation or execution. Dan is a cohesive team player and it has been a pleasure working with him.

Jai Shankar Sharma

As Mentor In IIT Kanpur, Bangalore Chapter at Alumni Association, IIT, Kanpur April 13, 2017,

Great to have worked with DAN. He is knowledgeable, particularly in business related to electronics Hardwares. Very creative and friendly. Rolls out business plans with minute details. Wonderful DAN

Perry Hunag

聯發科 Product Marketing Manager | June 20, 2016

During Dan worked in Calsoft Labs, I cowork with him for our outsourcing project. He did very good job as sales role and finish the project on time, meanwhile provide a very good after service. In short, he have good sales skill and care much about the cusotmer need. Take project attentive from begin to accomplished of project.

Anant Kharche

Technical Programs Management , Agile PMO at Autodesk | June 17, 2016,

Dan and I worked together to grow the networking and embedded software business at Alten Calsoft labs. Dan is one of the most thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional person. He’s got a passion for the design, development and selling / marketing of software services, and is one of the “go to” people in the selling space for his knowledge of the far east Asian market, his understanding of the issues, his original ideas and his thorough execution. I have enjoyed all of our encounters and recommend him very highly!

Ramesh Karmungi

Assistant Vice President Engineering, Aricent | February 20, 2016,

DAN is soft spoken, gets along well team. I am impressed with his knowledge of foreign languages (Chinese and Japanese) and would be great asset to organization with business interest in these Geos.

Kalaiselvan (Selvan)

Founder at RemoteWorks Lab – Building Disruptive Product! | April 15, 2015,

Dan and I worked in the endeavor to build the enterprise cloud organization at Alten. During our working time that i observed qualities what sales is meant to him, and his focus on building the relationship – he just latches with anyone instantly with such an ease, and awe inspiring attitude. This key ability is required to get the business works in your circle, and indeed we were contributing to build our business to grow! Wishing him good luck!

Sivakumar D

Consultant at Ojas labs

April 9, 2015, Dan worked with Sivakumar in the same group

Dan, a very realistic at the same time very optimistic sales person and a colleague at Calsoft Labs. He has been a very able negotiator and always found to have a knack of knowing customer needs. We together were ale to close successful deals and were able manage customers’ needs and close many projects successfully.

Sarada Prasanna Jena

Senior Manager at Infinite Computer Solutions

June 6, 2014, Dan worked with Sarada Prasanna in the same group

“It was my pleasure working with Dan during his stint with Calsoft Labs. He is amazing leader, talented, committed, self driven and thorough professional, whose single minded focus to his practice, team and company. He is a wealth of knowledge/information on the Cloud Strategic Marketing domain, which helped me establish a great understanding further and also highly appreciated by the colleagues.Dan as a Cloud Strategic Marketing leader, he lets his people grow to their fullest potential while continuing to stretch them beyond what they believe is possible. If someone needs to grow under dynamic leadership, Dan is the best person. He prides on the fact that, he has managed to meet all his targets always. He is highly systematic and passionate about what he does. He is always approachable, communicating and understanding. He is asset to any company and would look forward to work with him again in future.”

Sameer Panda

TALENT Decides the Growth of an Organization

May 22, 2014, Dan worked with Sameer in the same group

Mr. Dan is a wonderful business partner and person. Mr. Dan is a pioneer in the emerging best practice of sales intelligence.

Pompy Bhattacherjee

Member Services Specialist at Patelco Credit Union

March 3, 2014, Dan worked with Pompy in the same group

I have been working with Dan for few years. He has shown exemplary sales acumen at numerous occasions. Although we work across the globe our teamwork has been seamless and effortless. Dan is very good at following through with his customers to deal closure! Speaking fluent Mandarin has also helped him in his pursuits in Taiwan and China. It has indeed been a pleasure working with Dan.

Anjan Dutta

Executive Search for Leadership Roles and Niche Skills

March 15, 2013, Anjan was a client of Dan’s

Dharanendra or Dharni as I knew him came and gave a solution to me in an area which was untried. I was one of the first persons to adopt the solution and I am glad I did use it. Over the years we have continued to be in touch and always remember him for forcing me to adopt a technology as a reluctant buyer and then become one of his strongest proponent of it. I wish him all the best

Anand Joshi

AI / Computer Vision Executive/Analyst

June 13, 2012, Anand was senior to Dan but didn’t manage directly

I worked closely with Dan on Asia accounts where language was often a barrier but Dan managed to overcome that and strike a note with his audience. Dan is not only excellent at finding leads, but also on following up and closing business.

Angus Chen

Sales Director of Aricent Gruop

March 14, 2012, Angus worked with Dan but at different companies

Dharanendra (DAN) is an active job of sales, and seriously grasp the opportunities for each customer. He is very friendly and considerate guy.

Muralidhar S

Director Engineering at RSA Security

February 14, 2011, Muralidhar worked with Dan in different groups

I worked with Dan as part of the pre-sales activities. He has a good track record of converting the leads. Being in sales, his approach in keeping pace with the technologies is amazing. Also quite impressing is his multi-lingual personality. It was good working with Dharanendra Murthy.

Harish R Prabhu

Computer Networking

May 20, 2010, Harish R worked with Dan in different groups

I know Dan as a very good sales person, with a lot of experience in far east region. I have seen him strive to build long term relationships with customers ensuring that their requirements are addressed well. Also, his cheerful demeanor makes it a pleasure to work with him…

Sathyanathan Jayatheerthan

We are hiring!! AVP – Sales and Business Development – CloudOps Solutions and Services

May 17, 2010, Sathyanathan worked with Dan in different groups

Dan is a perfect sales guy with excellent combination of business and relationship skills. He is a great motivator and presents himself thorough results. It was a pleasant experience working with him on some of the deals.

Syed Sibgath

Recruitment Manager at SHELL

March 24, 2010, Dan worked with Syed in the same group

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Dharandra. He has been a key player in our Team, and in that capacity he has worked closely with SPA on Multiple Projects in the past couple of Years.

In the period that I have interacted with him, he is not only came across as a very professionally competent person, but also a very friendly and compassionate co-worker. His contribution to the various projects has been exemplary. His dedication, hard-work and sincerity have enabled him to be a quick-learner on the job. He has been more than willing to take on additional responsibility when the call of duty so warranted.

Though the company regrets losing him, we understand his need to re-locate so as to be with new carrier. I would fully and whole-heartedly recommend (Mr. Dharandra ( Dan ), as he would be a definite asset to the company.

Yours Sincerely,

Syed Sibgath
Business Development Manager
SPA Computers Pvt Ltd.,

Nayana Srikanth

Technical Program Management | Ad-Tech

February 19, 2010, Nayana worked with Dan in different groups

I remember Darani as very hard working and committed colleague. He was very passionate about his work and also willing to accept challenges and execute on them.

Ram Kumar

Founder and CEO at N I DRIVE 株式会社

January 10, 2010, Dan worked with Ram in the same group

Dan is really dynamic and enthusiastic person. He makes things happen. I would highly recommend Dan for any challenging assignments. Dan also a fun guy to work with and can be very entertaining.

Deepak Gupta

SAFe 5 Agilist | Delivery Management,Project Management,Process Implementation ,Operations Management.

January 6, 2010, Deepak worked with Dan in different groups

Dan, as he likes to be called is a great team player and has a strong exposure of business development experience. He is a highly self motivated person, comes across as a thorough professional with excellent communication skills. Indeed, it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Hareesh Padmanabha Rao

Senior software Engineer at Intel India Technologies Pvt Ltd

January 6, 2010, Hareesh worked with Dan in different groups

Both Dan and myself worked togather at Zygox Software Pvt Ltd Bangalore during 1999-2001. As I could recollect, Dan is a very enterprizing, knowledgable and energetic person. As a sales manager at Zygox, he got a number of key contracts for the company, even during the difficult times for the industry (during .com bubble bust of 2001). He has vision about his work and in-depth domain knowledge in his area of specialization. He will be an asset for the organization that he works for.I wish him all the best in all his endeavors.

Pavan S

Admin Executive with experience in Govt Liasoning, Approvals, H.R, Recruitment, Facilities and drafting

September 16, 2009, Dan worked with Pavan in the same group

“It was always a Pleasure to work with Dan, although i was quite to new to the job at that time, talking to Dan, gave me lot of exposure to deal with International Clients and also to understand their etiquette and accent”.
Dan’s always a cheerful, a never say die attitude, and a target oriented person, in short any youngster would love to work with


C.N. Rajendra Simha

General Manager-Operations at Skanray Technologies

September 16, 2009, C.N. Rajendra was senior to Dan but didn’t manage directly

DAN is an aggressive but a very mature sales professional with good experience in his domain.

Amaresh N Makal

Manager – Tech Consulting – SAP at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP ||SAP S4 HANA |PS | IM |PPM | CPM | DMS | PM||

March 8, 2009, Dan was senior to Amaresh N but didn’t manage directly

Dan has very rich experience in Business Development. In just one conversation he can impress anybody. I have found him very dedicated, hard working person. His business development skills are really amazing. He is a detail-oriented business development manager.


Principal Database Administrator

January 11, 2009, Dan worked with 𝕂𝕦𝕝𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕙 in the same group

A Very Cool and Dashing Stratagic Business development Manager.

Sanjeev Tiwari

Project Manager at HP Inc.

November 25, 2008, Sanjeev worked with Dan in different groups

Dharendra is a guy who was ready to walk extra mile to gather the technical aspect of the requirements. Always ready to explore new things.

Elaine Chen


November 16, 2008, Elaine worked with Dan but at different companies

It was a pleasure to work with Dan as a business partner – in my role as a global sales, product marketing and business development. I have come to value him as a skilled marketing& business professional. He also could easily understand different culture and work with foreigners,Personally I would recommend Dan to any organization that wants a skilled, full experienced marketing & business partner.”

Prakash Pasuperti

Oracle EBS and Fusion Financial Functional consultant and Project Manager

November 10, 2008, Prakash worked with Dan in different groups

Dan was known for his Managerial and Business Development skills at Core Business Software, Bangalore. He is very efficient in his work.

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