Here are skills that I posses: ( sales professionals should have these, which will enable us to be more effective in our role)

  • Analytical Ability

Sales professionals receive all kinds of information — from verifiable facts to rumors. It is important to be able to see the relevance of these bits of information, to draw conclusions that fit the facts, and to analyze a problem to understand root causes.

  • Judgement

Having analyzed the available information in a given situation, they must then judicially weigh the evidence in order to decide on the best course of action. Most decisions involve a balance of advantages and disadvantages, and so they should be comfortable with tradeoffs.

  • Communication

What is clear to a sales professionals must be made clear to others. Sales managers should ask themselves what each individual needs to know and why, and what reaction they expect from them.

  • Ability to Attain Targets

The sales professionals can reach goals by their deadlines. They know what to do when performance deviates from plan, and executes corrective measures.

  • Ability to Get Things Done

They should be a good objective setter, planner, and above all, controller. Instead of leaving loose ends hanging, they always finish what they start.

  • Cooperation

A sales professionals should work with others in a friendly, cooperative manner, and inspire others to collaborate.

  • Initiative

Look for a self-starter able to work with minimum direction. In addition, a good sales manager possesses both the desire and the ability to develop constructive ideas.

  • Dependability

Strong sales professionals are dependable, thorough, and precise in everything they undertake.

  • Smart Selection of People

Ensure they are able to meet hiring quotas and surround themselves with good people.

  • Delegation

Confirm the ability to produce results through others, instead of trying to do it all themselves.

  • Planning and Organizing

A strong sales professionals writes objectives and plans in detail how they will be attained. They’re also able to anticipate problems and outline how they will be overcome.

  • Vision

Seek someone who is able to look well ahead and be a good forecaster, and who also considers future opportunities and problems.

  • Creativity

A sales professionals generates ideas frequently and is always working out ways and means of “doing it better.”

  • Embodying Company Policies

The best are absolutely loyal under all conditions, and they always “sell” the company values, rather than “tell” them.

  • Human Relations

The best professionals possess the desire to develop from a boss into a genuine leader. They should also ensure that people enjoy working for them and demonstrate good team building skills.

  • Ability to Develop Subordinates

Make sure they always practice what they preach and show their direct reports the benefits of reading, analyzing, practicing, and improving.

  • Problem Solving

Look for a positive thinker who can quickly pinpoint problems, come up with solutions, and get the action going.

  • Technical Knowledge

A sales professional should have an exceptional understanding of their area. They should continuously strive to improve that knowledge and keep up-to-date.

  • Management Knowledge

Check for a sound understanding of modern management techniques applicable to their field. Someone who continually develops management skills is a must.

  • Policy Knowledge

Make sure they have a complete understanding of company policies and procedures.

  • Common Sense

Strong sales professional approach situations maturely and demonstrate a great deal of common sense.

  • Enthusiasm

Ensure they possess a zest for the job — smiles easily and has a positive, eager, and responsive attitude.

  • Ability to Work Under Pressure

The best sales professional maintain positive attitudes and zeal even when the going is tough. This is a must for any job, but when leading a team of reps with high pressure quotas, it’s an absolute top priority for sales managers.

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