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A Passionate Business Leader  with 20+ years of experience in IT Sales & Business Development to help small to large to enterprise fortune 500 companies find solutions to their chronic pain points & daily challenges to bring about total business transformation, through the use of relevant & meaningful technologies.



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Acquire, Manage & Nurture clients.

My dedication, empathy, technical background, International Sales combined with an understanding of business, gives me an edge to create a deep long-term mutual beneficial relations with a Co-workers, Clients, Partner & Colleagues.

When you work with me as your trusted advisor, I’m able to produce an in-depth and meaningful action plan specific and customized to your companies needs, while being completely carrier neutral, and technologically unbiased to help achieve your ultimate goal.

Some of the technologies that I’ve implemented with companies to achieve these goals are into Embedded Software Solutions, Semi Conductor Solutions, VLSI, Wireless Solutions, IoT Solutions, Connectivity Solutions including Blue Tooth, Wifi, LTE, etc.,

Some of My Clients

These are some of my clients, have been working with them and helping them to realise their plans.

20+ yrs






What My Connects Say

Here are some of my connects say about me, I’m very proud to be associated with them and its helping to me to grow and contribute….

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Dharanendra or Dharni as I knew him came and gave a solution to me in an area which was untried. I was one of the first persons to adopt the solution and I am glad I did use it. Over the years we have continued to be in touch and always remember him for forcing me to adopt a technology as a reluctant buyer and then become one of his strongest proponent of it. I wish him all the best

Anjan Dutta
Executive member, IIT Startup

Dan is an enterprising personality has an astute sales mind who can easily connect up with people. He can grasp quick and ask the right questions which I have personally witnessed during the many client interactions. Very meticulous and methodical in his approach and always has this broad smile on his face which is contagious. It was wonderful working with him in TechM.

Umasankar Subramanian
Head – Global SAP Competency,

Dan had a great grasp of the Taiwan region with its nuances.

He has build relationships that are not only related directly to his work but has gone

above and beyond including regional leaders and dignitaries

Sanjay Bhartiya
Chief Commercial Officer at Harman International


Here are few of my posts, part of my professional journey and would like to share my memories as posts. 


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