CeBIT India 2014

CeBIT India 2014

November 12, 2014 Uncategorized 0

CeBIT – one of the prestigious events has come to india and yes its in Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru.  Event will be held – 12th to 14th Nov’2014.
I visited CeBIT on the first day and was quite happy to see the response and the clear indication of improvement of IT domestic market scenario too.

It had two halls filled with exhibitors across the world. Hall 2 was predominantly by STPI affiliated companies and its partners from other states. Vibrant india was quite evident during the event.

Organisers has to do something for connectivity for the locations – BIEC in Tumkur Road, which is quite far from Bangalore City and options to reach the place are only limited to private vehicles including Taxi.

I remember, during IT.COM 2001 and around few years, the event was held in Bangalore Palace ground, which is in middle of the city and the awareness was there the general public, but this BIEC is well planned but the connectivity is VERY BAD. I hope – yup you read it right –  hope,  by the time next year CeBIT 2015 event arrive, the connectivity from the city will be good. Metro should have been stretched till BIEC.

Due to new govt. at the centre, the startup will have more opportunity and investment avenues. These kind of events will definitely be a good platform to showcase new product and services by these start ups and Govt has to encourage IT to penetrate tier II cities in India.

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