Taiwan-India SME Cooperation Forum

Taiwan-India SME Cooperation Forum

September 3, 2020 Wipro 0

India Taiwan SME Cooperation forum.

Had a very good interaction from both side, hope this creates a good platform and benefits both India MSME and Taiwan SME ITRI Taiwan 工研院巨量資訊科技中心 – ITRI Thanks for these initiatives 🙏🏻

Met Priya Lee Lalwani in the forum and as usual she was at her best👍 IiT – Indians in Taiwan 在台印度人 IiT – Indians in Taiwan

As covered in media

To build a Taiwan-India SME cooperation platform, deepen our bilateral partnership, and further expand innovative business opportunities for SMEs, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) collaborated with the India-Taipei Association to hold a Taiwan-India SME Cooperation Forum in the afternoon of August 31, 2020. This forum has successfully created a dialogue platform for Taiwan’s and India’s SMEs, developed an innovative cooperation model between Taiwanese solutions and India’s IT platforms, promoted more than 100 cooperation discussions, and confirmed 18 cooperation intentions in smart businesses.

The opening remarks of this forum were given by Dr. Chin-Tsang Ho, the Director General of the SMEA, MOEA and Mr. Gourangalal Das, the Director General of the India-Taipei Association. They both expressed their full support for Taiwan’s and India’s SMEs to deepen their partnership and jointly explore global business. The main themes of this forum are smart competitiveness, innovative business opportunities, and international market configuration. Indian IT multinationals Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, etc. and outstanding Taiwanese SMEs were invited to share information about their applications of smart products and services for enhancing their competitiveness. Furthermore, innovative businesses and international configurations were aggressively exchanged between Taiwanese and Indian enterprises on site. This forum was also opened online for participation through video. More than 100 Taiwanese and Indian business partners were attracted to watch the live forum broadcast and eagerly convey their high interest in cooperation between Taiwan and India. The rebroadcast of this forum video will be available online as a business reference for the many partners who are interested in Taiwan-India SME cooperation.

Looking ahead, Taiwan and India will continuously intensify their bilateral SME partnership. Moreover, the SMEA of MOEA will work with related corporate bodies to upgrade, through think tanks and innovative technologies, the core competence of Taiwanese SMEs’ international configuration and the value of their worldwide business.

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